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How do “squatter’s rights” work?

The legal term for squatter’s rights is adverse possession and it has an interesting history. Read on to learn more about its historical and modern significance

Eggstra! Eggstra!

By: Merena Kerr

Have you seen the price of eggs lately?! If you’ve been to the grocery store recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed that one of our most common kitchen staples has become much more expensive.

Have you heard of wassail?

By: Danielle Winn, MRE

Have you heard of wassail? Odd word, ancient custom, and delicious drink. Read on to learn more AND get a delicious wassail recipe!

Baby, it’s cold outside! Tips to reduce your heating bill this winter

By: Danielle Wadsworth, MRE

This year promises to be especially tough on the wallet when it comes to heating costs. Here are some tips to take a bit of the bite out of those heating bills.