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Have you heard of wassail?

By: Danielle Winn, MRE

Have you heard of wassail? Odd word, ancient custom, and delicious drink. Read on to learn more AND get a delicious wassail recipe!

Baby, it’s cold outside! Tips to reduce your heating bill this winter

By: Danielle Wadsworth, MRE

This year promises to be especially tough on the wallet when it comes to heating costs. Here are some tips to take a bit of the bite out of those heating bills.

Does going green really equal more green? Shining a light on solar panels

By: Danielle Wadsworth, MRE

Humans have been trying to harness solar energy for almost 200 years. We finally did it, So why isn’t it a selling feature in Central PA?

In-law quarters and the rise of multi-generational living

By: Danielle Wadsworth, MRE

The demand for in-law quarters is growing and research shows that demand will continue. But will adding in-law quarters to your home increase value? It depends…