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Does going green really equal more green? Shining a light on solar panels

By: Danielle Wadsworth, MRE

Humans have been trying to harness solar energy for almost 200 years. We finally did it, So why isn’t it a selling feature in Central PA?

In-law quarters and the rise of multi-generational living

By: Danielle Wadsworth, MRE

The demand for in-law quarters is growing and research shows that demand will continue. But will adding in-law quarters to your home increase value? It depends…

Home Showing Dos and Don’ts

By: Danielle Wadsworth, MRE

The pandemic sure shook up what we do and don’t do on showings. What do we normally do and not do on showings? Read on to find out!

Show me the money! But, how much? A look at home value, price, and cost.

By: Danielle Wadsworth

Your property is not worth what someone is willing to pay for it, what it cost to build/renovate or what a website tells you it’s worth. So what is it worth?