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The House No One Wants

Jul 22, 2021 | Real Estate Advice | 0 comments

By: Merena Kerr

The House No One Wants….

Did you ever notice the ugly house that sits on the market that no one wants? The house that keeps dropping its price? Why? Because it’s ugly inside?? The layout isn’t ideal?? Well I love those houses! Maybe you should too….

Just because a house doesn’t have the best colors or layout or has the ugly carpet or worn floors, or old holiday lights hanging off it from 3 years ago doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be loved again.

I love going into a house and seeing its potential and helping homeowners love the house again.

There are so many things you can do to a home to change it; you just have to see the home’s potential.

Think about it! Maybe you could get the ugly house, FOR A GREAT PRICE, and then make it your own and put your own special touches on it!

Obviously there are the big items like opening up walls and changing layouts (which I love), and if you are up for that big of a challenge, DO IT! Make that house lovable again! Make it what you’ve always dreamed of! But, that is not always in the budget for everyone and that’s ok.

If your budget isn’t big enough for removing walls, there are still options for making changes to the house so you can make that ugly house into something jaw dropping. There are so many things you can do, first just a real good cleaning makes a big difference. Then we move to paint; most of us know, changing the paint color can really change the mood of a room. Go ahead, go with that bold color you love; it’s your house!

Maybe you’d love to open a wall, but that’s not in the budget because it’s load bearing, what about just making a door way wider? It works! Maybe the wall can’t completely go, but maybe that opening can go from three feet to five, allowing more natural light through or a better view from the kitchen to living room. Or expose the brick, the old original brick, let that show, it’s beautiful! What about new floors? Yep, that makes a huge impact!!! Get rid of that old burgundy carpet and put in some hardwoods. Hardwoods not in your budget? No problem, there are many options that are durable and look just like wood! Ever think of just changing out the doors? Doors with more character or doors that fit your style more… you can even put trim on a plain door to totally change the look!  Maybe new countertops will spruce up that kitchen and bring it into the current century. What about painting the cabinets? Wow, that will make a big change! How about a new backsplash in the kitchen, that can change the feel of the kitchen, maybe it needs to be lighter, darker, less crazy. If you are not sure what backsplash you want, get samples and set them on the counter for a few days or weeks first. Update those faucets or knobs, that is something that you can do that won’t break the bank.

Something I’m obsessed with is letting natural light in. Take down those big heavy drapes and let that sunlight in! Need darkness to sleep, no problem, you can have drapes, but update them, change out the color and open those bad boys up during the day! Natural light changes your mood, changes the feeling of the room and so much more!

Let’s talk about the outside now. First, wash it, yep, give that house a bath, it will show. Maybe you could add shutters, take down shutters –  yes that’s a trend, or change the color of the shutters. Different shrubs can make a big change too; tear out those shrubs that have been in since the house was built and add new beautiful flowering shrubs or maybe you’re into more modern sleek tall grasses, either way, you can change the feel by updating those flower beds or eliminating them. Obviously, the bigger one is the exterior covering on the house, change the color, but even better… change the texture, the look… take down that horizontal siding and do board and baton or metal. There are sooo many options if you explore.

My whole point of all this is, if you can see the beauty and potential that ‘the ugly house’ has, maybe you can get it for a better price because no one can see the potential but you can and it will be tailored to your style and liking.

Old and ugly houses can be loved again, I promise. I have updated several houses and each one has its own unique traits that you can play off of.  Love that ugly house, please.


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