We found Merena when we went to look at a house in Thompsontown as we were there she gave us her honest opinion on why the house was taking so long to be sold and what her thoughts were on it. From the conversation on we wanted her to be our agent! We looked at multiple properties she was always sending me listings that fit our criteria and it was very easy for me to get ahold of her and schedule house showings. We had a realtor before her who was more in it for the money and sent us homes that were way out of our price range and criteria so when we found her it was a god sent! We purchased our first home in April of this year and had a few hiccups in the loan process. We weren’t able to get approved by our lender and she referred us to a woman she uses and within weeks she had us approved and was ready to close even before our original closing date! During the process Merena was attentive and made sure everything was ready to go for our closing date. We will never use another realtor because we found the perfect one!